30 Days to a Healthier Happier YOU!

“Most people have no idea how good their body is supposed to feel.”

Do you dread the Holidays and those extra love handles that come with it? We love Santa, but don’t really care to look like he or Mrs. Clause right? I for one have joined the gym, but hate working out alone. I always felt like people were watching me and the least time I wanted to be seen was when I was dripping sweat. I don’t mind working out at home, but it is hard to stay motivated without some accountability. I’m not a person who loves wearing an apron and spending hours in the kitchen either. If it isn’t fairly fast and easy…I’m out. I do enjoy living, being, and looking healthy and do realize as much as I’d like to wish it into existence, it does take some work on my part. 

Insert the 30 days to Healthy living program by Arbonne. I know, I know…upon first read of that you think this is just another diet plan among the hundreds of others. Think again. This is a real plan that has worked for hundreds of people, a plan with support along every step of the way to keep you motivated, enticed, and ready to step into that smaller size you’ve been eyeing and into the New year a healthier you. I’ve tried many programs from Beachbody, Slimfast, other protein shakes, Weight Watchers, Spark, as said the gym on my own, etc., and this is by far the best program, with the tastiest and nutritious shakes, great support for accountability, healthy recipes, and great results that is totally doable, attainable, and lasting where I’ve felt great. Check out some of these great people who have tried it and loved it!! 

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 7.16.21 PM

Here’s a breakdown:

1. This is a lifestyle – not a diet! During this program we aim to give you the tools and support to set you up for a total lifestyle transformation! What you learn during the program we hope you take with you beyond the 30 Days and implement into your daily life and habits for long-term health!
2. This is not about counting calories or restricting yourself! We focus much more on WHAT you eat than HOW MUCH! Whole foods eating is the foundation of our 30 Day Program! We believe that through increasing nutrients & nutrient absorption while reducing toxicity & supporting the elimination organs you are able to achieve your wellness goals – whether they be weight loss, increased energy, better sleep, reduced inflammation, etc – by creating an environment inside your body where ONLY health & vitality can exist!
3. We are all about GUT HEALTH – During our 30 Day Program, we focus on improving the health of the gut – which is connected to the overall health of your body including 70% of your immune system! We do this through gentle, restorative, healing support based on whole foods eating and supplementing with a pre & probiotics and digestive enzyme!
4. We focus on reducing the body’s stress response by including targeted botanicals in our Arbonne Essentials Nutrition products that reduce cortisol levels in your body (a powerful stress hormone that wreaks havoc on your body) so that you can press the reset button to improve overall health & vitality!
5. We offer an easy button​ to support you and your body – The Arbonne Essentials nutrition products are not only formulated to increase your nutrient intake and support the organs of elimination but they are also there as an “easy button” to help you stick with your new clean eating lifestyle while being busy and on the go!
Our 30 Day Program combines CLEAN EATING with our amazing Arbonne plant-based Nutrition Products to set you up to reach your wellness goals in a way that’s SIMPLE and EASY TO FOLLOW! Check out our 30 Days to Healthy Living Cheat Sheet for a detailed look at the ins and out of the Program!
We run our 30 Day Program through a private Facebook Page which includes:
~ Daily posts of education, meal ideas, healthy living tips & more to support your wellness goals & learning.
~ Weekly DELICIOUS & SIMPLE Meal Plans, Recipes, & Shopping Lists.
~ Accountability with your coach.
~ An uplifting and supportive community to help keep you on track.
 * To participate you need to have your 30 Days to Healthy Living Wellness Package which is a 40% off a bundle of the Arbonne Nutrition Products to support you during the program!
 * If you aren’t on Facebook, not to worry! I can share our 30 Day Resource Guide with you to set you up with all of the need to know info and tools!
Your first step is to get your 30 Days To Healthy Living Package ordered right to your door! I can can help you out with this. From there you will get added to our 30 Days Facebook page! We begin the first and third Monday of each month!
Contact me for more information and to answer any questions you may have at mmarieart@yahoo.com! I hope to see you in our next 30 Day Group! If you’d like to check out my site and the products www.marieknapp.arbonne.com 

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